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Hangzhou HangYang Koso Pump &Valve Co., LTD.  (hereinafter referred to as the company) is in August of 2000 in the original hangzhou oxygen plant group co., LTD., cryogenic pump valve factory, on the basis of absorbing the Japan enterprise - equipment engineering (wuxi) co., LTD established investment co., LTD., with a history of 50 years production pump valve, the main products for the air separation equipment with oxygen pipeline pump valve, special valve, LNG cryogenic valve, petrochemical, etc., using a special pump valve is one of the main national cryogenic valve design and manufacturing base. Its parent company - hangzhou hangyang co., LTD. Has 50 years of production history of air separation equipment, is China's large and medium-sized air separation equipment and liquefaction equipment research and development center and manufacturing base, is accredited by the state economic and trade commission one of 520 key enterprises, enterprises of machinery industry, national 21 major equipment localization base.

      The company registered capital of 30 million yuan,  annual sales of 140 million yuan. On-the-job employees 135 people, including engineering and technical personnel 20 people, intermediate above title of 10 people, senior titles 3 people), plant covers an area of 18900 square meters, with various types of processing equipment 109 units (see equipment list) products, all kinds of testing equipment and a variety of pump valve test。

      Under the strict quality assurance system and orderly control, the company achieved a high level of design, development, manufacturing, production management, quality management and inspection test ability, through the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, issued by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the "TS" special equipment manufacturing license. The company has perfect quality management and quality assurance system, using advanced computer network management system (such as technology development, production process control, process management, quality management, marketing management, financial management and daily office fully implement computer information management mode) and strict product quality inspection system.

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